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SEK Energy Coupling

The SEK Energy Coupling is an SHW Connector accessory that enables the transmission of energy, air, and vacuum.

MEK-PM Multi-Energy-Coupling

The MEK-PM Multi-Energy Coupling is a further development of our MEK series. The inlets and outlets for the pneumatic and electrical lines are horizontally arranged. This reduces the height profile of the MEK-PM. Pneumatic hoses can be connected to the coupling by means of push-in fittings (connection M5).

MEK Multi-Energy-Coupling

The MEK Multi-Energy-Coupling is an MGW Connector accessory that enables the transmission of energy, air, and vacuum.

MEK-R Multi-Energy-Coupling

The MEK-R Multi-Energy-Coupling is a further development of our MEK series.  The four air feed-throughs are equipped with check valves on the robot side. This allows the MGW-R coupling to be released under activated compressed air. In addition, the electrical contacts on the MEK-R have been replaced with spring contacts.

ZS Centering disc

A centering disc can be installed on both the upper assembly (robot side) and lower assembly (tool side) of the robot and ensures that the tools are correctly aligned with the robot arm.


YA Y-Adapter

The Y-Adapter connects two tools to a robot flange.


RSGU Signal transmitter with LED

We recommend the RSGU signal transmitter as an accessory for our GP and GZ Grippers. The electronic magnetic switch enables the piston position to be queried and thus the status of the gripper. For example "open" or "closed". It is designed as PNP-closer and is compatible with all our Gripper sizes. The sensor is inserted into the prepared grooves on the Grippers. The switching position can then be fixed via a set screw.


VKS Square Socket Key

The Square Socket Key is the optimal operating tool for our SWS Connector. It is required when using the safety lock device VS2. By inserting the key, the spring-loaded flap of the safety lock is disengaged.


VS2 Safety Lock

The VS2 Safety Lock is the optimal accessory for our connectors SWS050, 063, 080, 100, and 125. For sizes SWS160, 200, and 250 the VS2 Safety Lock is standard and comes premounted.


AC Tray

The AC tray is responsible for securely holding the Auto Connector lower assembly and respective tool. Additional trays can be added at any time making for a highly flexible and adaptable system.

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