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SK-Tec Automation is the most respectable pneumatic automation and gripping system supplier company and we have a wide range of sizes, jaw styles, and gripping forces for majority of the industrial application in Malaysia. At SK-Tec, we have full ranges of Robotic grippers gripping system from miniature series to units that have maximum gripping force. SK-Tec popularly known as the largest gripping system supplier in Malaysia and the company has been supplying three major types of pneumatic robotic grippers gripping system, parallel gripper, angular gripper design, and custom units such as o-ring assembly machines. All these products are being used in Aerospace, Automotive, Appliance, automated industrial o-ring systems, Electronic, Medical, Packaging, and many others.

Over the years, SK-Tec Automation is also a major player in providing flat and Bellows suction pads for mechanical hands in automated processes and production lines in Malaysia. Our range of Bellows suction pads made of natural rubber and HT1 for a very gentle handling of workpieces with marginal markings.  At SK-Tec Automation, all bellows suction pads products are of international standard and able to grasp your workpieces firmly, without damaging the surface, whenever they need to be relocated. At SK-Tec Automation we are capable of providing various different versions for a variety of workpieces and applications for your business needs.


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Malaysia Vacuum System Supplier

Eco-pump SEP

Vacuum specialist Schmalz is presenting the new compact ejector series SCPS/SCPSi with new eco nozzle technology at the interpack trade show. The compact ecoPump SEP is the ideal machine component for decentralized vacuum generation, for example when handling ampules.

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The new basic ejector SBPL

The vacuum specialist Schmalz is extending its range of vacuum generators with very high suction rates with the launch of the new basic ejector SBPL (Schmalz Basic Pump Large). It is particularly well suited for safe handling of various workpieces and enables short cycle times.

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Famatec Gingo

MANIPULATOR ON WHEELS with 24V compressor and rechargeable batteries installed on it. Loads from 5 up to 350 kg.

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