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[May 2021] Finger change at the press of a button

Gripping Systems

SCHUNK is expanding its range for the rapid change of gripper fingers. While an Allen key was still required for the proven SCHUNK BSWS jaw quick-change system, all that is needed with the new manual BSWS-M system is a push of a button to mechanically unlock the top jaw and pull it instantly off the gripper. Moreover, a new jaw is attached just as quickly and easily, and connected to the gripper at the simple push of a button. This means that the tool-free jaw quick-change system reduces set-up times to a minimum, while also increasing productivity and flexibility of the entire automated system. As an additional mounting aid, optionally available alignment pins and a corresponding alignment pin hole can now be used to ensure that the fingers can only be mounted in the correct position in the case of asymmetrical finger pairs, for example.

18 Dec 2021

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