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ewo Micro-Filters


ewo Micro-Filters


Microborosilicate air filters are suitable for use in all situations in which the required purity of the compressed air is especially high. As the second stage after the standard filter they remove almost without residue the smallest remaining particles of water, oil or dirt to 99,9999% (for 0,01 μm). Residual oil content 0,01ppm. Port size G ⅛ to G ⅜ and G ⅜ to G1.

40bar and 60bar Micro-Filters

Compressed air filters in modular design with condensation drain, manually operated. Filter element of sintered bronze. Body of aluminium (black anodized). Bowl of brass. Test certificate for pressure bowl included. Micro-filters guarantee best possible quality with an effectiveness of 99,9999% based on 0,01?m. Residual oil content 0,01ppm. The filter element with a pore size lower than 0,01?m are of borosilicate filter with supporting casing made of stainless steel (V2A) and foamed plastic cover. Flow passes from inside to outside. Replacement after 6 months.

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