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ewo Lubricators


ewo Lubricators


Lubricators add a fine oil fog to the compressed air, this effecting a constant and reliable lubrication of pneumatically controlled compressed air tools, valves and cylinders etc.. Refilling oil while under pressure is possible. Needle valve for oil adjustment with high drop constancy for long periods of time. Also available with metal sight dome. Port sizes G ⅛ to G½; G¾ to G1½ and G1½ to G2.

Small Lubricator For Air Pressure Tools

Lubricators (for standard oil fog lubrication) to be mounted on compressed air tools that are used intermittently. Port sizes G ⅜ (with reduction G ¼). Fixed adjustment of oil dosage. Oil suction should be mounted opposite the filling screw, at the lowest point.

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