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SCHUNK 4-Finger Gripper - PZV (4-finger Centric Gripper)


SCHUNK 4-Finger Gripper - PZV (4-finger Centric Gripper)

The multi-finger gripper for applications, in which two or three fingers are insufficient

Field of application
4-finger centric grippers have advantages over the usual centric grippers, for example when cylindrical workpieces are being stored in tablets. The PZV handles the workpieces in a controlled, process reliable manner despite the interfering contours.

Advantages – Your benefits
Robust multi-tooth guidance
for precise handling
Wedge-hook design
for high power transmission and synchronized gripping
Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections
for flexible pressure supply in all automated systems
Comprehensive sensor accessory program
for versatile querying possibilities and stroke position monitoring

Options and special information

Intermediate sizes are available on request. Please note that the four-finger grip is an umbrella term, and may lead to a two or three-finger grip in certain cases.
Pressure reduction in case of a two finger application of the PZV 160 and 200
The operating pressure must be reduced to a maximum of 5 bar when using the 4-finger centric gripper PZV 160 and 200 as a (double) 2-finger parallel gripper.
Integrated air purge connection
impedes the ingress of dirt into the inside of the gripper


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