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SCHUNK Angular Gripper - SWG (Angular Gripper)


SCHUNK Angular Gripper - SWG (Angular Gripper)

- Narrow double-acting 2-finger angular gripper
- Up to 5 mm narrow
Field of application
For universal use in clean and slightly dirty environments. Suitable for applications which require a space-optimized gripper Arrangement.
Advantages – Your benefits
Slim design
allowing the grippers to be arranged in a row
Spring-supported gripping force maintenance
holds the workpiece even in case of a loss of pressure
Wedge-hook design
for high power transmission and synchronized gripping
Light and compact design
for space-saving handling without interfering contours
Monitoring via electronic magnetic switches
a space-saving feature in a slot in the housing
Options and special information
The angular gripper SWG can be directly mounted in a row to reduce interfering contours.


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