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Schunk Centric Grippers - MPZ (Gripper for Small Components)


Schunk Centric Grippers - MPZ (Gripper for Small Components)

Small 3-finger centric gripper with base jaws guided on T-slots
Field of application
for universal use in clean to slightly dirty working environments, especially suitable for gripping small workpieces
Advantages – Your benefits
T-slot guidance
for precise gripping at high moment loads
Finger position monitoring
also possible via FPS
Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections
for flexible pressure supply in all automated systems
Compact dimensions
for minimal interfering contours in handling
Options and special information
Gripping force maintenance version AS/IS
The mechanical gripping force maintenance version ensures minimum gripping force even in the event of a pressure drop. In the AS/S version this acts as a closing force, in the IS version as an opening force.
Version FPS for flexible position sensor
This version is prepared for the use with the flexible position sensor FPS, and allows monitoring of several gripping positions.

NEW: H1 grease version H1G
with H1 compliant lubrication as a solution for easy entry into medical technology, lab automation, the pharmaceutical industry and food industry


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