Linear System

Precision axis modules for the highest demands – The logical supplement to our proven grippers, swivel units and linear units. Discover the whole variety of linear technology for high-speed automation. Precision mini-slides with pneumatic drive Pneumatic stroke modules Rigid gantry axes with different drive options Servo-electric axis modules for assembly automation with toothed belt drive or linear motor drive High-performance servo motors including positioning interface and planet gear The compact high- performance axes are designed in a modular system, thereby allowing for a wide range of different axis modules to be combined to a complete system - the principal configurations, e.g. line gantries, surface booms or surface gantries are already predefined! Depending on the load area and the required stroke length, a wide range of different components are available from the linear group - even for the most demanding applications.

FSF Mini Slide
FST Mini Slide
Gantry Axes SLF-P
Stroke Modules PHE
Stroke Modules SLE
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