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[Aug 2021] ATI Develops the CV14 Safety and Control Module

[Aug 2021] ATI Develops the CV14 Safety and Control Module
ATI has developed the CV14 Safety and Control Module to provide signal control and communication to tool changing applications. Control Modules are a safe efficient way to pass controls signals through the tool changer to the end-of-arm tools and allow users to verify processes and monitor an end-effector’s status without entering the work cell.
The CV14 also includes a variety of additional features like built-in safety, tool identification, connections for lock and unlock sensors, and an integrated pneumatic valve that can help streamline equipment needs and make the implementation process easier.
The CV14 is ideal for robotic applications with payloads of 165 kg or less and is compatible with ATI’s Tool Changers and Tool Stand products, for models ranging from QC-29 to QC-110. Like many ATI Control Modules, the CV14 includes Tool Stand Interlock capability, (TSI) which helps to prevents accidental tool release by ensuring that the robot does not uncouple end-of-arm tools unless they are supported in the Tool Stand. The compact CV14 promotes safety and increased uptime of smaller robot applications by minimizing hazards from released tools.
ATI’s CV14 Safety and Control Module makes a great addition to many tool changing applications. By directly connecting to the tool changer’s lock/unlock sensors, and including built-in features like an integrated valve, I/O and tool identification, this versatile and robust control module allows users to optimize their process without increasing footprint or implementation time.



18 Dec 2021

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