Robotic Automation | Vacuum System Supplier | Gas Spring Supplier Malaysia

SK-TEC Automation & Engineering is Malaysia’s foremost integrator of robotic automation solution, with over 20 years of experience and expertise in industrial robotics, manufacturing automation, process automation and factory automation, you will be assured doing business with the most reliable robotic automation company in Malaysia.

Besides, robotic automation solution, SK-Tec Automation is also the major distributor of vacuum system supplier in Malaysia. SK-Tec not just a vacuum system supplier in Malaysia but rather a company with domain expertise in vacuum system technology supplying vacuum components and vacuum pads. We are leading supplier of Schmalz vacuum technology, it is one of the world’s leading suppliers in robotic automation technology, handling technology and clamping technology.

To fulfil the industrial automation funnel, SK-Tec is also one of the major gas spring supplier in Malaysia. We are actively supplying KGP Series (Pull Type Gas Spring) to various industries; it has various strengths, including small Spring Constant, Long Stroke, speed control at compression, and stable strength. Besides KGP series, SK-Tec is also major gas spring supplier for KGL Series (Free Lock Gas Spring); it has all general strengths of Gas Spring plus the Free Lock feature that allows you to set the stroke anywhere you want by pressing Lock Pin.

SK-Tec has been supplying Korean made shock absorber (KOBA Brand) for many years. KOBA is professional manufacturer of Shock Absorber, Hydraulic Buffer, Hydro Check and Gas Spring, that accumulated High Level technology since established in 1993. At SK-Tec, we are proud to be a strategic partner of KOBA and a leading consultant of automation technology.

Our services ranges from Modular Robotics and System and solution Integrator to components; ranges from Grippers, Vacuum system, Gas Spring and Shock absorbers, pneumatics and tool changers.

SK-TEC Automation & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. started its maiden operation in year 2005 as an industrial automation supply company. Our objective is to provide high value added support services to local and multi-national companies in Malaysia.

Empowered by trust, sincerity and open principles, with SK-TEC unique setup that combines its widely application know-how and technical support are able to provide expertise by developing unique and sophisticated automation system that caters to customer’s requirements, nature of business and individual segment of industry. The company has been steadily growing for the past few years and is progressing to enhance everyone with the company’s vision and mission statement. As a dynamic and dedicated company that provides technical support and advice on supplying industrial products, for existing and new industry players as well as to new segment of the industry. Therefore, a project team is setup to provide expertise advice as well as project design as per demand by our customers. We embraces on total solution to provide products and services for industrial automation, as we believed in “Better for you, is Better for us”.